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Let us help you find the right products for your crops.

Specialising in 100% natural products (with no two products the same or synthetic), the Biodevas Laboratoires R&D team creates innovative and efficient solutions adapted to the specificities of each crop.
Biodevas Laboratoires’s range of biostimulants is the fruit of close collaboration with stakeholders in the agricultural sector, from experiment stations to universities and producers. Producers have been trusting us since 2008, and through their expertise have largely helped develop our product range.

Biodevas Laboratoires supports all its customers by means of:

  • Performance optimisation programmes (covering commercial yield and production quality etc.)
  • Transition strategies through a specific preventive crop reinforcement approach
  • Regular and personalised monitoring of producers by its experts present throughout the local area.

By devoting 10% of its turnover to R&D, Biodevas Laboratoires prioritises scientific rigour in the design of its formulas so that its customers have efficient and profitable products. Biodevas Laboratoires is certified to ISO 22000 (food safety management).


For crops with high foliar development

Lettuce - Cabbage - Lamb's lettuce - Leek - Rocket - Radish - Turnip - Beetroot - Spinach - Artichoke - Asparagus - Sorrel - Jerusalem artichoke - Chard - Sea beet - Cardoon



Specific abiotic stresses

Phytogenic complexes for market gardening

Industrial vegetables

Field crops