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Strengthens leaf vegetables while increasing uniformity

Approved for use in organic farming

Lettuces - Cabbages - Lamb's lettuces - Leeks - Rocket - Radishes - Turnips - Beetroots - Spinach - Artichokes - Asparaguses - Sorrel - Jerusalem artichokes - Chards - Sea beets - Cardoons

OMNIFOLIA is the result of extensive research on leaf crops and regulates all growth parameters, but also limits the impact of fungal diseases on plants. Positioned at regular intervals, OMNIFOLIA strengthens vegetables by improving their tissue construction and dry matter content. OMNIFOLIA-treated foliage is thicker and therefore better adapted to sensitive growing conditions (intense heat and/or humidity), limiting inputs.


  • Can
  • Tank

Mode of application

  • Foliar

Intended for

  • Market gardening
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