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Supra Bosca

Improves the productivity and quality of woody crops while strengthening them

Approved for use in organic farming

Vines - Fruit trees (seed-bearing - stone-bearing - berry-bearing) - Kiwis

Specific to woody plants, SUPRA BOSCA provides the physiological and nutritional support essential to plants during the key stages of flowering, fertilisation and fruit setting, thus ensuring production and making harvest quality consistent each year. In addition to boron, which is essential for these crops, SUPRA BOSCA provides a copper/amino acid complex which is immediately distributed in the sap, promoting the formation of growth hormones and strengthening cell walls. SUPRA BOSCA can be integrated into both conventional and organic programmes and optimises crops in periods of risk.


  • Can
  • Tank

Mode of application

  • Foliar

Intended for

  • Arboriculture
  • Viticulture
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BOSCA: For woody crops