Biodevas Laboratoires is a research and development laboratory which specialises in plant biotechnology. For over 10 years, Biodevas Laboratories has been formulating and producing natural solutions that regulate the oxidative stress of animals and plants.

Biodevas Laboratoires

Advanced Natural Innovations

Our vision

With nature as its partner, Biodevas Laboratoires believes that it is possible to support a new agricultural model: produce more with fewer chemical inputs and improve farming performance by reducing the use of antibiotics. United by a forward-looking vision, the women and men who develop Biodevas Laboratories are committed to serving agriculture through science innovation while respecting nature.

biostimulants pour les cultures

Our mission

Biodevas Laboratoires, specialising in natural solutions, acts for healthier and more productive farming. With a strong R&D base, the company helps farmers rise to the challenges they face by:

  • Bringing innovative solutions to the agricultural world
  • Helping reduce chemical inputs in livestock production and crop production
  • Facilitating the transition of the agricultural sector towards ecologically efficient farming
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For over 10 years, we have been working every day to support the evolution of agriculture in favour of fewer chemical inputs and greater competitiveness.

François Blua – Co-Founder and CEO


Biodevas Laboratoires has always had an international presence and it helps agricultural professionals in over ten countries. The development of its export activities testifies to the success of natural solutions that combine performance and profitability. Today, 35% of Biodevas Laboratoires’s turnover is made abroad.

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