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Biodevas at the Swine Research Days 2021: SOWEL improves sow lactation

A partner of the Swine Research Day in February, Biodevas presented the SOWEL test results, demonstrating product efficacy on sow and piglet performance at birth.

As sows become more prolific, there are an increasing amount of difficulties for them (long farrowing period, appetite problems, dysgalactia, etc.) and piglets (survival, homogeneity, etc.) in farming.

That is why we formulated SOWEL, a nutritional solution composed exclusively of phytogenic extracts from plants derived from organic farming in order to optimise farrowing and lactation so that you can benefit from the financial advantages of this productivity.

The test conducted at the Ifip test centre in Romillé confirmed the numerous positive effects of SOWEL:

  • Reduced stillbirths
  • Reduced pre-weaning mortality
  • Improved homogeneity and weight of piglets at weaning

These parameters helped confirm the significant return on supplementation investment (1 for 7) thanks to these zootechnical results.

The centre test was also an opportunity to precisely outline the objectives of the physiological effects of SOWEL promoting these results:

  • Reduced farrowing time
  • Higher quality colostrum
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved urinary hygiene

GMP+ and ISO 22000 certified, SOWEL is usable in Organic farming and available as a liquid or solid form to adapt to your formulations.

For more information, please visit the SOWEL product page.


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