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Coccidia: old good-for-nothings

Coccidiosis is recognised by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) in its ‘Animal diseases’ datasheet as the most damaging parasitic disease in poultry farming, with an estimated global cost of over €12 billion in 2020. The continued existence of parasites, the development of coccidiostat resistance, poor drug rotations and sudden feed transitions make coccidiosis a complex challenge. Given the regulatory and environmental outlook, as well as consumer expectations, we’re incorporating more natural solutions with a reduced carbon footprint into our ranges.

Poulet Vert: an innovative project in Algeria

In collaboration with our local partners, Plantaxion and Khidder, we’ve launched the first production chain for broilers reared without antibiotics and chemical coccidiostats in Algeria. This is called ‘Green Chicken’. This initiative has enabled us to rethink coccidiosis management across the board, from the environment to nutrition, resulting in a new, positive experience with our VEMERIA (feed) and ENTERIA (drinking water) products.

A three-pronged approach to coccidiosis management

Our approach, which is also used and recognised in ruminants, is based on three main actions:

  • The prevention of oxidative stress: by stimulating the Nrf2 pathway, we promote the homeostasis and development (1) of the digestive epithelia, strengthening their resistance and stabilising the microbiota.
  • The creation of an unfavourable environment for coccidia: we create an environment which is unfavourable to the development of coccidia.
  • The development of local immunity: our products stimulate animals’ immune response, increasing their natural resistance to coccidia.

A non-biocidal approach that strengthens livestock resilience

VEMERIA and ENTERIA products, which are 100% natural products and mainly derived from French plants extracted using our in-house process, are non-biocidal and compatible with vaccination against coccidiosis. This approach supports animal welfare while preventing the development of new resistances and maintaining farming performance.

Suitable for all types of farming

VEMERIA and ENTERIA play a critical role in the management of coccidiosis, in conjunction with good husbandry practices.

Available in solid form for feed (VEMERIA) or liquid form for drinking water (ENTERIA), these products are suitable for both conventional and organic farms and have a limited carbon footprint. They can also be concentrated for B2B applications.

By reducing reliance on chemical drugs, these products help us achieve our One Health goals.

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(1) Merkhan, 2024

Vemeria and Enteria

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