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The success of Green Chicken: a Poultry Revolution in Algeria!

Biodevas Laboratoires is proud to announce the resounding success of « Green Chicken » in Algeria.

This project, carried out in collaboration with our Algerian partner PLANTAXION and the KHIDER group, marks the birth of the first antibiotic-free poultry industry in Algeria.

Thanks to this pioneering initiative, healthier, environmentally-friendly chickens are now available in Algerian butchers’ shops and supermarkets such as Carrefour.

In February 2024, the International Green Chicken Days were held in Algiers, attracting over 200 participants from 15 different countries. The aim of the event was to promote sustainable poultry farming and raise awareness of the challenges of antibiotic resistance as part of the « One Health » initiative. Participants had the opportunity to attend conferences led by international experts and to visit farms and slaughterhouses certified « Green Chicken ».

Our innovative methodology, based on the administration of 100% natural plant extract-based products in poultry feed and drinking water, has proved to be both effective and profitable, contributing to sustainable, antibiotic-free poultry production.

The ‘Green Chicken’ project in Algeria represents a giant step towards healthy, sustainable food, demonstrating that Biodevas products can transform the poultry industry with natural, antibiotic-free solutions.

The enthusiasm and participation of so many professionals demonstrate the importance and impact of our project. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all the speakers, partners and participants for their support and commitment to greener, more environmentally-friendly farming.

Together, let’s continue to move towards healthier, more sustainable food.


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