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INNOV’SPACE 2022: our SINEA product wins an award!

Following on from INEDIA in 2020, we are proud to announce that we have once again won a 1-star Innov’Space award for our product for the Pig range: SINEA, a 100% natural alternative to zinc oxide to improve intestinal health in piglets.

Weaning is a challenge for piglets, who have to cope with a lot of stress. Furthermore, weaning comes at a time when, physiologically, the intestinal structure is still immature, the intestinal microbiota unstable and immunity reduced. In some countries, antibiotics and/or zinc oxide are frequently used to prevent intestinal dysbiosis and help piglets get off to a good start.

SINEA was created by Biodevas Laboratoires to offer a 100% natural alternative to reinforce piglet physiology and stabilise the intestinal microbiota in order to reduce the need for antibiotic treatment. Composed of phytogenic active ingredients, SINEA acts through a synergy of action on oxidative stress induced by weaning, inflammatory states, immunity enabling stabilisation of the intestinal microbiota, and the integrity of the intestinal mucosa in order to limit the prevalence of severe diarrhoea. This makes weaning easier, with fewer digestive problems and improved post-weaning performance.

In a study carried out with PigCHAMP Pro Europa, S.L. and published in the JRP and at the Zero Zinc Summit, SINEA proved:
✅ Its identical positioning to zinc oxide
✅ Its unique mode of action (non-biocidal)
✅ Its zootechnical contribution
✅ Its contribution to reducing antibiotic therapy

Come and see us at SPACE, the international livestock show in Rennes, and talk to us about this new product!


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