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PARASYNE: manage parasites in ruminants

After a whole grazing season and to maintain zootechnical performance during winter, remember to protect your animals from internal parasites by using PARASYNE.

PARASYNE will help you maintain a low parasite infestation which is compatible with zootechnical performance by creating and maintaining an adverse environment for parasites (flukes, strongyles and paramphistomes).

It works in a unique and innovative way by combining three different actions: managing oxidative stress, creating an adverse environment and stimulating immunity specific to parasitic conditions. The goal is to limit the excessive use of conventional parasiticides.

PARASYNE can also be used during Spring, when the animals leave the barn to go grazing, to maintain low parasite infestation and limit performance drop.

Easy to use by the farmer directly at the farm or by the feed miller through its incorporation into a feed or mineral, PARASYNE limits the negative impact of parasites without any waiting time.

For more information, please visit the PARASYNE product page.


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