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AERION: perfect for Winter!

The days are getting shorter and temperatures are falling! It affects animals, as they hate changes in temperature, humidity and draughts as much as we do.

One of the systems most affected by these changes in environmental conditions is the animals’ respiratory tree. Indeed, its role as a filter for incoming air is essential, thanks to secretory cells, which secrete mucin, for instance.

Mucus retrieves all the waste deposited in the airways, from dust to particles and microbes, so that they can be eliminated by the multiciliated cells. Their hundreds of vibrating cilia expel the mucus in a coordinated way.

Biodevas has formulated AERION, a complementary feed, available in liquid, solid or dispersible in milk powder and usable in organic farming to strengthen the whole respiratory tree.

By combining various actions designed to modulate the local immune and inflammatory systems, stimulate the production of antioxidant enzymes, and preserve the integrity of the mucous membranes in the respiratory tree, AERION acts in-depth on the causes of respiratory problems.

In pig farming, AERION helps maintain zootechnical performance during high-risk periods. Indeed, pig breeders have observed that animals keep a steady consumption, so their growth is not affected, and they recover faster after coughing spasms. Pig farmers also like to use AERION from the beginning of fattening, as it reduces the need for antibiotic treatment in farms where viral or bacterial pressure makes symptoms more likely at the end of fattening.

AERION is a multi-species product and is also used in poultry, where the palatability and low dose of the product in drinking water make it easy to use.

AERION has demonstrated its effectiveness in ruminants in different contexts, goatlets, and bulls.

For more information, please visit the AERION product page.


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