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nGSO by Biodevas: endogenous antioxidant generator

As pioneers in cellular mechanism regulation since 2005, we have decided to isolate our oxidative stress management phytogenic additive: nGSO, to meet the needs of animal feed suppliers, especially during this period where the cost of vitamin E has become so volatile.

nGSO functions like a genuine primary endogenous anti-oxidant generator and is present in all of our products, it is made exclusively from 100% natural sensory additives produced using an exclusive Biodevas process.

The phytogenic extracts used to make nGSO guarantee a high intra-cellular penetration capacity so that it participates actively in maintaining cellular homeostasis by stimulating the production of anti-oxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase within the cell itself.

This unique process has been demonstrated by the most up to date in vitro trials.

nGSO has a high concentration of active ingredients making it highly effective at the very low dosages required for compatibility with a premix, a mineral supplement, feed, as a partial substitute for vitamin E or in synergy with it.

nGSO is especially suited to stimulating anti-oxidant enzyme production in pigs during crucial stages for piglets and sows and is also suitable for reducing the impact of high temperatures on their performance.


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