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Preventing avian colibacillosis: Biodevas Laboratoires establishes a partnership with the LDC Group, CAFEL and CAVAC

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Biodevas Laboratoires, which specialises in the production of phytogenic additives to reduce the use of antibiotics in farming, is starting a research partnership on avian colibacillosis at the end of the year. Having successfully managed various problems in the poultry sector (histomoniasis, coccidiosis and parasitism among others), Biodevas will concentrate its efforts on this major issue in the industry over the next three years through a research collaboration with the LDC Group, CAFEL and CAVAC.

Colibacillosis is a major disease in the poultry sector and causes millions of euros of direct or indirect losses in France. It is also a public health issue due to the extensive antibiotic resistance developed by colibacillosis strands, resulting in a regulatory framework for the use of so-called “critical” antibiotics in veterinary medicine. In addition, requirements established by catering and distribution chains go beyond the regulations and tend to prohibit the administration of any type of antibiotic in the near future.

On the strength of these findings, the consortium formed by Biodevas Laboratoires aims to develop a new preventive strategy for Escherichia coli digestive infections. This strategy is based on the administration of phytogenic solutions formulated by Biodevas Laboratoires, using active ingredients from plants extracted with laboratory-specific extraction technology.

Set up in September, it will take place in the hatcheries and broiler farms of the various production organisations over 18 months. The experiment will involve one-day old chicks in at least 18 chicken coops for each producer organisation, with the same number placed in control batches. Approval of the experimental protocols, data collection, statistical interpretation and analysis of samples are carried out by the breeding systems research unit of the Higher School of Agriculture of Angers and by Inovalys, which brings together the department laboratoires of Pays de la Loire. Mortality, antibiotic administration, water consumption, average slaughter weight, ADG, FCR and seizures etc. will be screened.

This experiment demonstrates Biodevas Laboratoires’ R&D know-how and its ability to provide poultry industry players with innovative solutions. Solutions are adapted to zootechnical and economic livestock constraints, as well as health-related societal issues. This partnership shows the three manufacturers’ desire to develop new approaches to their breeding activities.

Biodevas Laboratoires was created in 2005 by Jean-Louis and François Blua in Savigné l’Evêque in Sarthe. The laboratory formulates and produces phytogenic solutions composed of 100% natural active ingredients derived from its exclusive extraction know-how. Biodevas Laboratoires now has over 30 employees and generates more than 30% of its sales abroad in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia.

The LDC Group is Europe’s biggest poultry processor, with many brands such as Le Gaulois, Maître Coq, Marie and Traditions d’Asie, Toque Angevin and Réghalal. The group contracts its supplies with 5,700 poultry farmers directly or via partners.

CAFEL (Agricultural Cooperative of Farmers Loué) combines 1,100 breeders who adhere to rigorous specifications and since 2003 it has universalised the use of alternative medicines.

The CAVAC Cooperative Group has 5,000 breeders and four activity clusters: plants, animals, green distribution (garden centres) and agribusiness. In the poultry sector, VOLINEO, the poultry branch of CAVAC, groups together 270 breeders.

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