May 30, 2018

Biodevas Laboratoires Conference at Efi-Sciences

by Marine Vêtu in News

Biodevas Laboratoires presents its technology to improve the urinary comfort of sows and protect the environment of piglets post-weaning

Antimicrobial resistance in livestock production is a real challenge. Piglets post-weaning mainly receive antibiotics in farming, a critical period when the stresses of weaning can cause major digestive disorders.
Significantly reducing the use of antibiotics in brfearming therefore requires better knowledge and better control of all the parameters influencing or likely to increase digestive problems in piglets.
On 30 May 2018, Biodevas Laboratoires’s technical experts hosted a conference at Efi-Sciences on this topic. This conference, which was in its ninth year, saw Biodevas Laboratoires present its innovative work on demedication in pig farming. Sowel is a 100% natural phytogenic solution which improves the urinary comfort of sows post-weaning to preserve the environment of piglets and limit the consequences of antibiotics.

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